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The initials of his name were the inspiration for this logo.
Carsten Dammann StationaryCarsten Dammann Stationary The rays of light were printed white on slightly beige paper. <center>adidas<BR>ULTIMATE 11</center>
This lopo is still enhancing the three stripes of the brand
Playstation TV ScreenPlaystation TV Screen The logo in EA FIFA WORLDCUP 2010.More about this project. <center>NIMBUZZ (proposal)</center>
NIMBUZZ (proposal)
Nimbuzz is connecting different fields of our daily communication (Online, Facebook, Mobile, Land Line)
This is represented by the negative shape of an 'N', holding the surrounding elements together.
Proposal   <center>kontaminiert</center>
Book about the deasaster of Tschernobyl in 1986. (contaminated)
     <center>MU CUP 2006</center>
MU CUP 2006
A little hint to the World Cup 2006 logo.
Screenprints 2006Screenprints 2006   <center>Fishing Owl<center/>
Fishing Owl
Small Film Production run by Richard Bullock
     Gabriele Willeke ArchitectureGabriele Willeke Architecture The shapes appear like a floor or ground plan and are based on the letters GW. ApplictationsApplictations Embossed the logo really looks like a ground plan of three dimensional houses. Concept for Flensburger BreweryConcept for Flensburger Brewery We were asked to come up with a concept for Flensburger, that can compete in the 'luxery beer segment'. Applications and PackagingApplications and Packaging The brand is pretty much known for their 'down to earth' approach with everything, so we decided to keep typical elements like the lid and bottle shape but counterbalance it with functional packaging and a smart design. German Packaging Award 2005 next
<center>Opel Speed Dating</center>
Opel Speed Dating
(proposal for a concept)